RSS Feed in SharePoint

To know what is RSS Feed click here
So now, after you are aware of your RSS feed requirement for your web site, the next step is how would you implement!
Types of RSS Feed:
There could be two types of RSS Feed link: Internal or External.
Internal RSS Feed Web Part:
Any RSS Feed link (xml) which is hosted inside company intranet is categorized as RSS Feed internal link. Now SharePoint servers’ security can be configured in two ways: Kerberos or NTLM.
If Kerberos authentication in configured (enabled) on SharePoint server then you can use out of the box RSSViewer Web Part to render RSS feed coming from internal RSS feed link. To enable Kerberos authentication, follow this link:
If the security configuration is NTLM and you would try to configure RSS view webpart with internal RSS feed link, it will throw error like this:
“The RSS Web Part does not support authenticated feeds.”
In that case, use the custom RSS feed web part available here:
Or otherwise, if web site’s security permits, then give anonymous access to underlying list/library.
External RSS Feed Web Part:
Any RSS feed link which is hosted on internet (e.g. CNN RSS feed) is called External RSS Feed. Normally External RSS feed links don’t work as-is on Company Intranet sites, since they use proxy servers to connect to internet. In that case use the following link to enable external RSS feed in your environment.
One important point:
There are some scenarios where you need to embed RSS feed code inside page/page layout /master page and outside web part zone. In that case, the RSS viewer OOB web part will not work. The RSSaggregator tag is not recognizable outside web part zone. In that case, use Data View Web Part. Create a Data Source of type “Server side scripts” and connect that to XML RSS feed link. The you can copy the Data View  Web Part code and place it at appropriate place in your page/page layout/master page.

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  1. Just wanted to provide update that now there is no RSS Feed reader web part in SharePoint 2013

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