Use of WSS web service for List/Library content updates

Use of WSS web service for List/Library content updates

Use of WSS web service for List/Library content updates

WSS 3.0 (Windows SharePoint Services) and MOSS 2007
(Microsoft Office SharePoint Server)supports interoperability and remote operations through a set of web services.
There are number of approaches for programmatic access to SharePoint, such as the object model, web services, RPC over HTTP, as well as WebDAV.
All of these have their pros and cons depending on the needs of the application. The SharePoint RPC protocols can be useful and powerful and it certainly has its strengths,
especially when it comes to adding content. The object model is much more robust and feature rich than the web services, but it does not offer support for remote operations,
so in order to leverage the object model your code must be running on the SharePoint server, and you must be writing .NET code in order to leverage it. There are a number of different
reasons for working with SharePoint data remotely, be it administrative scripts or the need to work with SharePoint content such as tasks in an application running on a client machine,
or non-SharePoint applications in the enterprise. The SharePoint web services are built on top of the object model and expose a subset of features available in the object model, and
allow for remote operations and the use of any language and platform that supports the consumption of web services. For most tasks the web services that ship in SharePoint are
adequate, but you may find needed operations in the object model that have not been surfaced in the web services, which will require extending the web services with a custom web
service implementation. In this article we will take a look at available web services and an example on how to use it.


To understand about Web Services in general, click here. For this article, I will use a Console Application project.
However, you could use any other way of designing (Windows Form, Web Part deployed on your cliet site, .NET, Java etc) depending on your requirements.
Open your Visual Studio and Create a new Console Application:

Go to Solution Explorer (If you don’t see it, then click on View – Solution Explorer menu). Right click on “References” and click on “Add Web Reference”:

Click on the “Advanced” tab at the bottom:

A new window will pop up. Click on “Add Web Reference” at the bottom:

Enter the site URL, followed by “/_vti_bin/lists.asmx” and click on “Go” button

If your site is up and running, you would see that it opens a page withing the frame and at the right it says.. “1 Service Found”. Give a Web Reference Name and Click on “Add Referece”.

Now, the web service is ready for use. You will find this listed in your solution explorer as below:

Here is the code snippet to “Add Item”, “Update Item”, “Check-in file” and “Publish/Approve Item” using list wss web service:

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