Migration from Google Apps (Mail, Document) to Office 365

Option 1: (IMAP Migration Technique – for Emails)

This will do bulk email migration of users. Please note that this will not assist in migrating your docs, contacts, calendar and Gmail filters. For migrating your contacts and calendar you can use simple export-import technique. I din’t find any solution to migrate Gmail filters though.

It requires you to create a CSV file in the format of EmailAddress,UserName,Password (username@customdomain.com, username@customdomain.com, Pass@word1)

Office 365 start here page –> Admin –> General Settings (outlook) –> Email Migration –> New
Select IMAP
IMAP Server – imap.gmail.com
Authentication – Basic
Encryption – SSL
Port – 993

Reference links:

Option 2: (Manual Migration – for Docs)

I din’t find any out of the box ways of auto migrating all docs. The simplest way would be to download all files from Gmail App as zip and then unzip and upload as multiple files on Office 365 team site. However, this needs to be done individually for each user.

Reference link:

Option 3: (Third Party Tool – Meta Vis – for Docs)

This is a popular one – http://www.metavistech.com/product/migrator-google-apps. However, this doesn’t seem to migrate emails. Good thing is that it retains all doc’s attributes. You need to contact their sales team to get pricing.

Option 4: (Third Party Tool – Migration Wiz – for Emails)

Another popular one. It supports Emails, Contacts and Calendar (No docs)

A cost effective approach would be the combination of Option 1 and 2. However, there will be a need to provide a simple guide to user who can possibly move their docs on their own. If that’s not feasible then Option 1 and 3 would suffice.

There are various other third party tools as well (MetaLogix, Binary Tree etc…) but then price takes precedence in choosing a solution 🙂

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