SharePoint Conference 2014 – Day 1 (Monday)

SharePoint Conference 2014 – Day 1 (Monday)

Bold SharePoint, Beautiful Las Vegas and Brilliant Bill Clinton… take center stage on first day of the biggest Microsoft SharePoint event. Jared Sparato started the show welcoming Bill Clinton on stage. The speech from Bill Clinton was inspirational as he talked about NGO work and use of technology in transforming lives of people in need. Jeff Tepper – the father of SharePoint started the show with a future journey in the cloud (literally). One of the key take away was to strive for inter dependence through power of technology. And 4 major drivers as Cloud, Social, Mobile and Big Data are going to play major roles in transforming everybody’s lives.
Microsoft plans to transform office in three ways as Social workplace, Personalized insights and Next gen portal.
Social workplace – Microsoft previews ‘Oslo’ smart social dashboard (native windows app as well as browser based app) for office 365. This new Microsoft app, code-named Oslo (As Microsoft people at Norway write code that wins Olympics – hence the name Oslo :-)), will give Office 365 business users a personalized, searchable dashboard that uses machine learning to present the most relevant information from their documents, messages, internal social networks and other “trending” information. Julia White demos Oslo app with various features as yammer, outlook, calendar, public and private yammer group, site, office web app working in integrated and contextual mode. It is powered by technology called “Power Graph”. The basic idea of implementing social workplace is to have information come to you rather than you look and search for information that is needed. 
Personal insights – She then gave an overview on self analytic tool – Power BI which has a Q&A style feature to input business friendly message and ability to show graphs based on the search terms.
Next Gen Portal – As people from outside SharePoint world think it just as a document storage site – MS avoids this confusion and clears the goal and capabilities of SharePoint site by calling it as Next Gen portal. MS also reveals One Drive for Business having more contextual capabilities for document management.
Jeff Tepper announced that they are coming up with new server version in 2015. In terms of architecture it is now loosley coupled with APIs and Office.js as means to connect data and customize it as per your need.
Old setup

New Architecture.
I attended a few sessions where MS explained in detail about new BI capabilities, developer tools and migration path. Watch out this space as I will update it in a few days!

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