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SharePoint Conference 2014 – Videos and PPTs

Microsoft has released all session’s videos and power point slides of SharePoint Conference held in March first week 2014 on Channel 9. To people who don’t want to browse through pages and want all videos and slides at one place in their hard drive – read on πŸ™‚

I have created a power shell script which downloads all videos and slides. I have tested this on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Please comment and let me know if it works on other OS for you.

Here are the steps…

  1. Create a folder called “SPConf2014” in your “C” drive. Ensure that you have 70 GB of free space available.
  2. Install Windows PowerShell if not available in your PC
  3. Download the script and save/copy it in “SPConf2014” folder you created
  4. Open Windows PowerShell ISE in administrator mode
  5. Run in Administrator Mode
  6. Click on File –> New and open the PowerShell script saved in “SPCConf2014” folder
  7. Open Script File
  8. You need to set ExecutionPolicy in order to run this script.Type Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted and hit enter. You will see following prompt. Click “Yes”
  9. Prompt

  10. Now click on “Run” to let the script execute and download all PPTs and Videos.
  11. Output
  12. If you see error like this then check your internet connection or see if Channel 9 is up and running
  13. Error
  14. Downloading all files will take some time. Let the script run whole night to download all the files. However, you can stop in between and start later on as it will resume downloading from the point it left.
Comment if you like it. Also, let me know if have any ideas of improving this script πŸ™‚

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